An issue has been identified on Traka Touch v3.0.2

Issue Alert Notification

Dear Customer,

Traka would like to make you aware of the following issue.

  1. Issue Overview

An issue has been identified on Traka Touch v3.0.2 and beyond, whereby under certain conditions, the SQLite database can error and lock the Traka Touch device after a successful database backup.

This results in the unit requiring a manual restart before the system will revert to normal operation. 

  1. What is affected?

This will only affect customers with Traka Touch v3.0.2 or above. This only appears to occur if an activity or event is trying to be recorded to the Traka Touch at the exact same time at which the database backup concludes. For many customers, these backups are scheduled to occur during their quietest usage periods, so it is unlikely to affect them.

  1. What are the Symptoms?

The visible symptom here is that following a lock error, users will not be able to log into the Traka Touch system until after a manual restart has been performed. 

  1. What was the cause?

The exact cause is yet to be determined, but it appears to occur only when another activity occurs on the Traka touch device at the same time at which the database backup concludes. 

  1. What is the Solution?


In the short-term, customers have two options:


  1. Choose to turn off their Traka Touch database backups (not viable for many and not a preferred option)


  1. Deploy a hotfix to Traka Touch devices that we are just finalising now: Traka Touch v3.1.2 will automatically perform a restart following database backup, thus ensuring minimal disruption to customer operations whilst we find and deliver a long-term solution.


We are planning to issue Traka Touch v3.1.2 on Friday 29th July 2022.


We anticipate that we will issue a complete fix to this issue as part of the upcoming TrakaWEB v4.0 release that will resolve the root cause of the issue.

  1. 6.  Who to Contact?

If you would like more guidance on this issue, then please contact your local Traka Technical Support department within your region:

Traka Africa –

Traka Asia –

Traka Middle East –

Traka Oceania –